Reading. It’s key to your child’s future.

EarlyBird predicts if children will have reading challenges – even before they learn how to read

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EarlyBird was developed and scientifically validated at Boston Children’s Hospital in partnership with faculty at the Florida Center for Reading Research

Parents - trust your instincts and verify them with data

1 in 2

chance your child has dyslexia if a family member has dyslexia

1st grade

poor readers, without extra help, are still poor readers at the end of elementary school

Age 4

is when we can begin to identify reading challenges

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The risk of waiting is too high – and reading challenges are preventable!

Research has proven that addressing reading problems early prevents them from happening later.

  • Risk of reading challenges can be identified in pre-readers
  • With early and effective instruction, over 90% of children will become readers
  • ½ hour of instruction in Kindergarten is equivalent to 2 hours in 4th grade

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EarlyBird. Affirmation for parents. Fun for kids

Pip - EarlyBird Education Game

Engaging, interactive game for kids

Kids across the nation agree – this game is fun!  Unlike traditional reading assessments, EarlyBird is a game, featuring everyone’s friend Pip.

An easy-to-understand action plan

A report that provides a full picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, with recommendations and support to make taking the next step easy.

Reading instruction - targeted to just what your child needs

Structured, personalized 1-on-1 instruction that is fun for children, while building those critical reading skills.

How EarlyBird Works

Families Timeline


Speak with a Literacy Specialist

Speak with a Literacy Specialist

Schedule same-day meetings with an expert to better understand your child’s reading needs and to obtain advice on any concerns or questions. Once you are ready, you can easily purchase the game and schedule your child’s follow-up assessment.


Play a game

Play a game

Your child will play a game with Pip and their friends in the comfort of your home. The game incorporates both voice and point-and-click activities, and requires no reading.


Receive a comprehensive report

Receive a comprehensive report

Meet with the Literacy Specialist to review your child’s scores and a detailed report. Receive next step action items tailored to your child’s reading profile, including risk indicators for dyslexia.


Personalized tutoring program

Personalized tutoring program

Pip School provides 1:1 virtual reading instruction designed for your child. Parents receive in-depth support to help their child succeed in reading.


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