Reading. It’s key to your child’s future.

EarlyBird combines early identification of reading struggles with intervention that provides mastery of foundational skills.

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The EarlyBird Assessment was developed and scientifically validated at Boston Children’s Hospital in partnership with faculty at the Florida Center for Reading Research.

Pip School, our instructional game, was designed for children ages 4-9 years old, using a research-based approach.

The risk of waiting is too high – and reading challenges are preventable!

Research has proven that addressing reading problems early prevents them from happening later.

  • Risk of reading challenges can be identified in pre-readers
  • With early and effective instruction, over 90% of children will become readers
  • ½ hour of instruction in Kindergarten is equivalent to 2 hours in 4th grade

Baker, L 2021, Hall, S. 2009

EarlyBird. Affirmation for parents. Fun for kids

Personalized, “test and instruct” approach

EarlyBird’s assessment shows  data on your child’s reading abilities & identifies strengths and weaknesses. If they require intervention, we help your child master the research-proven foundational skills for learning to read.

Engaging, interactive games that kids love

Kids across the nation agree – EarlyBird is fun! Unlike traditional assessments or intensive intervention programs, EarlyBird uses games to test your child’s early reading ability AND delight them as they unlock the reading code.

Customized support and action plans

Receive comprehensive reports on your child’s mastery of skills, work closely with our Literacy Specialists to personalize your child’s learning journey, and access informative “Pip For Parents” resources.

How EarlyBird for Families Works

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Sign Up for Pip School

Sign Up for Pip School

As part of Pip School, you’ll get EarlyBird’s research-based literacy assessment, giving you a comprehensive profile of your child’s foundational reading skills. Join the Pip School waitlist.


Play Research-Based Games


Your child will engage with Pip, the EarlyBird toucan, on quests with animal friends while building their foundational literacy skills in phonological awareness and language comprehension.


See Your Child’s Growth and Progress

Auguste's Weekly Report

After your child begins Pip School, you’ll receive personalized daily and weekly progress reports. Check-in with a Literacy Specialist every 5 weeks to talk about your child’s individual growth.


Unsure if EarlyBird is right for you?

A Literacy Specialist from our team can help you learn more.