Pip School: Tutoring Plan

$499.00 / month

EarlyBird Families tutoring program helps kids struggling with learning to read. The three month engagement provides parents with check-ins and progress monitoring by utilizing our screener to assess growth in reading skill acquisition.


Price: $499 / month

Description: The Pip School tutoring program is administered online in 1: 1 instruction with your child and our certified and trained Literacy Specialist. Lessons are designed to be engaging and interactive incorporating the components of early literacy skill development within each 30-minute session. Pip School is intended for kids identified as needing focused help and remediation to achieve grade-level reading specific to their academic year.

Program Overview: Our program is structured in 3 month “engagements” where our Literacy Specialist works directly with your child delivering instruction and regular progress checks. At the end of every 3 months your child receives the EarlyBird grade appropriate screener to assess growth and monitor skill development in the focused areas of instruction. Our Literacy Specialist will share scores and discuss next steps and a plan of action during the family conference.

Each 3-month tutoring engagement includes:

  • 2x’s a week: 30-minute individualized tutoring sessions with our Orton Gillingham trained, Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT), masters in Dyslexia Therapy Literacy Specialist
  • Every 5 weeks progress monitoring: Literacy Specialist assesses child for skill acquisition and provides update to parent(s).
  • EarlyBird assessment at the conclusion of the 3 months to establish benchmarking scores
  • Family conference to discuss the results of the screener including next steps + action plan