Pip School Program for Reading Intervention

$199.00 / month for 6 months

The Pip School Program is a complete package. It starts with the EarlyBird Literacy Assessment, and includes 1:1 support with a Literacy Specialist as your family’s reading coach. Your child will play the Pip School game – their ticket to practicing and mastering the foundational skills of reading.


Price: $399 $199 / month for the first 6 months*

Research proves it. The best time to identify and address reading issues is early. Reading interventions in kindergarten and first grade are up to three times more effective than those made later. That’s why we developed the Pip School Program, by EarlyBird.

What the Program Includes:
The Program starts with the EarlyBird breakthrough assessment game with the friendly toucan, Pip. Your family then meets and reviews the results with your dedicated Literacy Specialist, a coach to help you on your child’s Pip School adventure. Your child begins the research-based Pip School game, and the fun continues with Pip and his friends. With reports, resources and check-ins with your Literacy Specialist, Pip School will help your child build the fundamentals needed to be a successful reader.

As long as you are subscribed, you receive the EarlyBird Assessment 3 times per year, access to the Pip School app, reports, access to members-only resources, and your reading coach – an expert Literacy Specialist to guide your family.

*This special offer ends December 15.