EarlyBird at Home

$49.00 / month

What you get:

  • The award-winning EarlyBird Assessment which gives you a comprehensive view of your child’s unique reading profile and identifies risk for dyslexia and other reading challenges.
  • The Pip School App, our game-based reading intervention game where kids play science-backed activities to build their foundational literacy skills.
  • Guidance and support from a dedicated Literacy Specialist, a certified expert in learning to read, who will work with your family through weekly progress check-ins, monthly meetings, and on-demand support.
  • Resources for Parents designed to help you support and advocate for your child on their literacy journey


EarlyBird is based on science that proves that proper intervention can prevent the effects of reading challenges like dyslexia.

Don’t wait –  Act now and get your child on the path to a life of literacy.

There’s no risk with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Get started today and start seeing improvement in as early as one week.