Learn more about phonological awareness, an essential component of reading that is the ability to understand manipulate the sounds in spoken language. This includes knowing when words start/end, manipulating the parts of a word or sentence, and even rhyming.

EarlyBird’s Literacy Lead, Eileen Catizone, discusses why the Pip School app embeds activities in phonological awareness, and how these types of activities help early readers and struggling readers — especially children with dyslexia — grow.

The Pip School app is only available as part of our EarlyBird at Home program. The program combines the app with our award-winning EarlyBird Assessment to give you a view into your child’s unique reading profile and identify any risks of reading challenges. You’ll have on-demand access to a dedicated Literacy Specialist, like Eileen, who will answer your questions and help you see your child’s progress. Plus, get exclusive resources designed for parents to help support your child.

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